Rachel Brimble's Christmas Favourite

Today I am very excited to welcome Rachel Brimble, the fantastic author of Christmas at the Cove, What Belongs to HerA Man Like Him and many other fantastic books to my blog. She is going to talk about her favourite Christmas present. Rachel, all yours: 
 rachel brimble

My favourite Xmas present…as a child and adult!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive some fabulous presents over the years, but there are two in particular that stick in my mind for very different reasons.

The first was a HUGE teddy bear that my dad surprised me with after lunch when I thought all the presents had already been given out. My dad was a very skilled welder and worked away a lot on oil rigs. One year, I remembered he had been away for what felt like weeks and he finally came back for Christmas.

That bear was so special to me and I still have it in the attic and hope to surprise my first grandchild with it one day :D

The special present as an adult? Well, that was one that had me bursting into tears over Christmas dinner with my family. In June 2010, me, my husband, our two young daughters and closest family friends were stranded on a hotel roof during a flash flood in France. After twelve terrifying hours, we were rescued by helicopter but pretty much lost everything we came on holiday with––including my engagement ring which I used to remove at night.

Yep, you guessed it, right? My lovely, wonderful, romantic Mr. B surprised me with a diamond and gold solitaire on Christmas Day 2010. Lord, I love that man!

Merry Christmas!

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3 comentaris

  1. Thanks for having me here today, Alba! Loved sharing my fave pressies and looking forward to hearing some others too :D

  2. Thanks for writing such a lovely post Rachel and what a wonderful husband you have! :)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I do!! Well, at least most of the time, lol! :D