Suzanne's Christmas Favourite + Happymail Giveaway!

Today I am very excited to welcome Suzanne, the fantastic blogger behind Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams to my blog. She is going to talk about her Christmas Favourite places. Have a look at the gorgeous pics! Suzanne, all yours: 


I love Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year. I really enjoy decorating my home and we have more than one Christmas tree. My motto is celebrate whenever and whatever you can. Life is short and it’s important to focus on the good parts.

Christmas for me always starts at the end of November. My husband and I got married on November 21st, exactly12 years after our first kiss. We usually celebrate our wedding day with a little trip and that has to include Christmas shopping. This year we started in Belgium. We love Brugge, because it’s so romantic and cozy. I’ve been there numerous time and it’s always a success. There are a couple of great Christmas shops in the city and we visit them to find the most wonderful decorations for our trees. There’s an ice ring on the large city square and there are several market stalls which makes the city amazingly festive.

We spent our honeymoon in the Alsace. We love it there because of the great food, the fantastic wine and the amazing Christmas atmosphere. Riquewihr is such a cute fairytale village. I’m always so happy when I can walk around and have a look in the cute little shops. My favorite is the gingerbread store. The cookies are delicious and they have the most adorable Christmas decorations at affordable prices.

The next stop is Kaysersberg. The shops there are amazing and I bought some of my most precious Christmas decorations there. I love the atmosphere and the lights. There are several Christmas markets and it’s something I don’t want to miss. We try to go every other year at least.

Christmas isn’t complete without a visit to Germany. Fortunately the Alsace is at the German border, so it’s easy to cross the Rhine and have a look at even more gorgeous Christmas shops and markets. I’m usually in a dream like state when I’m visiting. It’s the best holiday I can think of.

I like sending Christmas cards and several little gifts to my friends. Happy mail always puts a smile on my own face as well and this is going to be a Christmas version of it. I’m giving away a lovely surprise, enter therafflecopter below and good luck! 

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  1. Suzanne, Your! Sounds like a festive dream come true! Thank you, Alba for sharing this magic with us!

  2. Gifts from my parents,sister and brother :)
    Thank you for the wonderful blog post and giveaway Lavander and Alba :)