The Great Christmas Knit Off

Title: The Great Christmas Knit Off
Author: Alexandra Brown
Published: November 6th 2014 by Harper
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Blurb: The perfect seasonal tale of how laughter, friends and wacky Christmas jumpers can mend a broken heart. For fans of Trisha Ashley and Jenny Colgan.

Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers. But, after discovering that she may have perpetrated the cock-up of the century at work, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and, just weeks before Christmas, runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale.

There, Sybil discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, an emporium dedicated to the world of knitting and needle craft. But Hettie, the outspoken octogenarian owner, is struggling and now the shop is due for closure. And when Hettie decides that Sybil’s wonderfully wacky Christmas jumpers are just the thing to add a bit of excitement to her window display, something miraculous starts to happen…

*First of all I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*  

This month I am going to be completely Lost in Christmas! There will be festive reviews, guest posts, giveaways and more surprises every day. Today's review is the fantastic novella The Reluctant Elf. 
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Review: This is my first book by Alexandra Brown but I loved it. I fell in love with the gorgeous cover, with the cute map of Tindledale at the beginning of the book, with the story, with its fantastic characters and with Alexandra's festive and fresh style. It's clear that I adored this book.
The story takes place in the small village of Tindledale, where everyone knows everyone and everything and there's this community spirit and all the people help  and take care of each other. It instantly felt like home for both me and the main character, Sybil. She was dumped at the altar on May the 4th (be with you) by his ex fiancĂ©, Luke, and when she was wearing a Princess Leia costume for the ceremony. I actually laughed out loud with this (I know it's mean but it's hilarious, come on!). So since then she has been getting on with life like a zombie, not really caring about anything. In Tindledale she finally finds a place where she is alive again and there might be a possibility of a better life. 

This is one of the cutest, sweetest and most festive stories I have ever read. The characters are wonderful, from the lovely Laurence, who runs the Bed and Breakfast, the drama group and  the private hairdresser, to the cute doctor Darcy, who all the villagers adore and can't seem to leave alone. And let's not forget the star of this story, Hettie. This old lady has a lot in common with Sybil and through thir love for knitting they start a beautiful friendship. They help each other without even realising.

I highly recommend this book, it is the book you cannot miss these holildays. Alexandra really makes the little village of Tindledale come to life and it captures you from the first page. And the best is that it is a series so we get to go back quite soon (I can't wait to find out more about who the second book is going to be about and to meet with these lovely characters again). 

Rating: 5 stars and the christmas special badge, meaning that it's the perfect Christmas read!

I have always wanted to learn how to knit but never really found the time but after reading this fantastic story I was left with a huge desire to try it. So I bought the needles and the wool and went to youtube to find some tutorials... and I love it! Sybil was right, knitting gives you peace and it's a fantastic feeling when you create something with your own hands. I have already made a basic scarf and socks for my baby niece and I am now working on a hat. I can't wait to keep practicing!

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