Blogiversary Guest Post: Charlotte in Bookland + Giveaway!

My little book blog is one! I still can't believe how amazing this year has been. To celebrate it, I have asked some of my lovely bookish friends to talk about their own booklands, the place where they get lost in their books and travel far far away! 

My first guest is the lovely Charlotte, from the fantastic blog Best Chick Lit. She, Nikki and Lizzie run Candlelit Author Services, where they help authors any way they can and run some amazing blog tours. It's always a pleasure hosting one of her tours for me, so go have a look at their web. But now, it's Charlotte's time to talk: 

First off, congrats to Alba on her first blogiversary! Secondly thank you for having me take part in your celebrations...

My bookland is my width-challenged office. I’ve been a freelance web content writer for about the last 4-5 years now and when I branched into offering author services with Nikki and Lizzie, my need for an office spiraled out of control. Apart from a very modest bookcase, I had nowhere to store the many books I begun receiving every week. From that, along with the reams of paperwork I accrue and the need to have a little solitude, my Harry Potter-type cupboard/office was born. 

My husband, bless him, spent an entire weekend cleaning and decorating the space, so it would be ready in time for Mother’s Day. The result? Painted in pastel pink, with a desk, two white boards, six bookshelves and lots of girly touches, it’s my book heaven.

At not even a meter wide yet 4 meters long, my office spans around just over half of the entire front width of my house. Plus, with the main hot water pipes running through it, it’s toasty warm whenever the heating is on. Unfortunately, it’s too narrow for a comfy reading chair but one day I hope to fashion some sort of cushioned drop-down seat on one of the walls and then I shall never leave!

For now though, I sit for hours talking to authors, working with them, brainstorming with Nikki and Lizzie, gazing at the hoards of paperbacks donning my walls and generally getting thoroughly overexcited about the written word, all from the comfort of my own personal little bookland. 


Thanks Charlotte for sharing your personal bookland with us! Nikki and Lizzie will also share their own booklands soon so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enter this fantastic giveaway organised by these lovely girls: 

You can win:
  • Owl rubber topped pencil, maze game pen and small notebook. 
  • 3 mini clinique nail varnishes and a pad of post its.

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