Blogiversary Guest Post: Lizzie in Bookland + Giveaway!

My little book blog is one! I still can't believe how amazing this year has been. To celebrate it, I have asked some of my lovely bookish friends to talk about their own booklands, the place where they get lost in their books and travel far far away! 

My guest today is the lovely Lizzie. She, Nikki and Charlotte run Candlelit Author Services, where they help authors any way they can and run some amazing blog tours. It's always a pleasure hosting one of her tours for me, so go have a look at their web. But now, it's Lizzie's time to talk:

Given the choice, everyday and every comfy chair would be my bookland. Can you imagine that life? Every morning you’d be off to another world, another set of adventures, another villain to conquer! You might think it’s lazy, but I’m sure travelling all those brain miles must burn a few calories! But sadly I have to work – to pay for all the books – so I make my bookland visits whenever I get a spare chance. Personally, my favourite place to read is anywhere that is bustling, but offers no rude interruptions. A busy cafĂ© where life continues on around me, yet completely ignores me is ideal. Throw in a comfy chair – shoes off, feet tucked under me - an obscenely big coffee and some chocolate and I’m in heaven. Is that the Bookland clichĂ©? 

But ever since Charlotte, Nikki and I started CandleLit Author Services, it is like every day is a Bookland extravaganza! We spend all our time working with fantastic authors, editing marvelous stories and trying to connect readers with their next perfect read. At the end of the week, even if we are exhausted, we can look back at what we’ve done and let out a sigh of satisfaction, knowing we’ve been in Bookland all this time, and after the weekend, we get to go back!


Thanks Lizzie for sharing your personal bookland with us! Nikki and Charlotte also shared their own booklands so check them out. And enter this fantastic giveaway organised by these lovely girls: 

You can win:
  • Owl rubber topped pencil, maze game pen and small notebook. 
  • 3 mini clinique nail varnishes and a pad of post its.

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