Author Q&A: Lisa Dickenson and I go to Cannes!

Today I am super excited to welcome the lovely author Lisa Dickenson on the blog. We have such a treat for you today. We have interviewed each other to know all our secrets on the most important matters of the world, like what we would wear to the Cannes Film Festival or we are fans of Brangelina or not. As I said, life or death matters. Enjoy!

First, here are my bookish questions for the two of us:

Ultimate book boyfriend:
Lisa: Jacob Black from Twilight (that is a bit cougary of me, sorry!)

Alba: Yes, Lisa, it is a bit cougary but we forgive you (just to those abs). For me, I have to say that I fall in love (with book characters) easily so this one is hard to answer. But just for this kiss, I'm gonna choose Noah from The Notebook. 

A book you had to hide because it was the scariest ever (in the freezer, Joey style): 
Lisa: The Witches, Roald Dahl. It’s also one of my faves though, so it doesn’t stay in the freezer!
Alba: I scare easily so I don't read terror books. But with The Lie by C.L. Taylor I was tempted to put my kindle on the freezer more than once. 

A character you would love to go partying with:
Lisa: Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence’s character) in Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. I would so do the dance comp with her.
Alba: Ha! Good one, I'd love to see you dancing like that! I would love to go partying with Jenny Lopez. Not JLo! Angela's best friend in the I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk. She must be so much fun to hang out with. 

A book that made you into a sobbing mess: 
Lisa: The Book Thief, Markus Zusak
Alba: Yes! That one for me too! And well, also Me After You by Jojo Moyes totally got to me.

Love triangles, yay or nay: 
Lisa: Yay! Why not! 
Alba: Actually, I'm not a big fan of love triangles. I mean, a bit of intrigue is ok, but I don't like it when the book is ALL about the love triangle. Especially if there's cheating. 

Now the important questions:

If you were going to a screening in Cannes Film Festival what you would wear: 
Lisa: I’d probably go with something big and glamorous and golden-era Hollywood-like. If you only go to one premiere in your life you may as well go all out – I would not be playing it cool in jeans and a trilby.
Alba: Yes, big and glamorous is the way to go. After browsing the Internet, I think I've made a decision. I loved Emma Watson's dress for the last Harry Potter Premier.

And who would be accompanying you:
Lisa: You! Or Husband Phil, because I can cling to him when my feet start to hurt in my heels.
Alba: Definitely with you! It would be so much fun! Although with ginormous dresses we couldn't really get close to each other. 

Best and worst dressed at this year Festival: 
Lisa: My current fave is Charleze Theron who was so classic and resplendent in yellow, she looked like an Oscar! (In a good way). As for worst, well I hate being mean but although she still looked gorgeous I wasn’t too keen on Sienna Miller’s dress – it seemed a little too dull for the festival.

Alba: I absolutely loved Lupita Nyong'o's green dress. Could we please take a moment to admire how she twirls and twirls and how amazing she is in general? And the worst dressed award goes to Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, this is just not working, at all. 

Brangelina, yay or nay: 
Lisa: Nay! I love Jennifer Aniston too much. But she’s sooo over it, so I guess I should be too…
Alba: How dare he, right? I guess you are right though, we should get over it. But who dare he?!

Actress that would play you on the movie of your life: 
Lisa: I’d love someone like Kristen Wiig to play me, but that’s partially because I want to be her anyway. Anyone who’s a bit awkward and has no filter is probably good!
Alba: Can I pick Emma Watson, pretty please? I know she is a tiny bit too glam for me but... I want her!

Hollywood girl crush: 
Lisa: Jennifer Aniston or Beyoncé. Or Jessica Alba. Or Anna Kendrick. Or Kerry Washington. Most of them… hmm…
Alba: Right now Emma Stone (looks like I love Emmas). 

Best Hollywood hair: 
Lisa: My agent, Hannah Ferguson. She deserves an Academy Award for her hair. But for actual Hollywood hair: Lauren Conrad.

Alba: Good choices. I have always love Jennifer Aniston's hair. Even with The Rachel, she had such fabulous hair.

Best plan for a Saturday night: 
Lisa: Watching Scandal and eating pizza! Hahaha, it’s all glamour in the Dickenson home!
Alba: It sounds like a fab plan to me. Can we please talk about the Scandal season finale?! My perfect plan would involve a night in with a good book or movie and sushi. 

Some more questions from Lisa for the two of us:

You’re going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks. Where?
Alba: I would love to go somewhere completely different to where I live, so maybe Japan or India.
Lisa: It’s got to be Cannes; I want to see if what I wrote about the festival is true!

What book would you like to see made into a movie?
I think Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey would make such a fantastic movie.
Lisa: Any of my own, please.

Your stylist advises you to wear something revealing on the red carpet to grab headlines: Take her advice or play it safe?
I like elegance too much to go Kardashian-like, so Id probably play it safe.
Lisa: It’s not considered risqué or “slutty” (urgh, that word) any more, but even so I don’t have the body of Beyoncé, so I’d probably play it safe.

Three celebs (dead or alive) you’d like to be in a group selfie with:
I'll go with the cast of the Avengers: RDJ and the Chrises. Can someone please photohsop Ruffalo out of this pic and put me on it?

Lisa: Marilyn, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence.

Thank you Lisa Dickenson for such a fun Q&A, I loved doing it and reading your answers!

You can connect with Lisa on:
Twitter, Facebook or on her webpage

And Don't miss her latest book Catch Me If You Cannes, the perfect book for this summer: 

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  1. Great interview ladies, loved it! Oh and Team Aniston here as well ;) xxx

    1. Thanks lovely Simona! :) Go Team Aniston! I see we all love her! xx

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