Barcelona Bookish Secrets: Catalonia National Libray

There are some places in Barcelona that I'll never get tired of visiting and one of them is our National Library. A beautiful restored 15th century building in the heart of the city holds an endless collection of books and historical documents. 

It has always appealed to me not only for what it's inside but because its surroundings too. In the gardens of Rubió i Lluc you find an oasis of quietness in the noisy quarter of El Rabal. Just next to the Rambles, you enter this idyllic gardens as if you are entering another world.  
The building where the library now stands (since 1934) used to be a hospital (15th to 19th century) and still preserves its original features. A real work of art in itself.  
If you are visiting the city, it is really worth checking it out. You can get a visitor pass and wander around its vaulted rooms and discover its secrets.

And before you leave, I recommend getting something to drink in the cute coffee place just outside, El Jardí.

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