Book Review: A Miracle at Macy's by Lynn Marie Hulsman

Today's book review is for the festive A Miracle at Macy's. I got this book earlier this year but I wanted to wait until December to enjoy its Christmas atmosphere. I love NY at Christmas!

Title: A Miracle at Macy's
Author: Lynn Marie Hulsman
Published: December 17th 2015 by HarperImpulse

Blurb: One lost dog. Two lonely hearts. A Manhattan Christmas full of magic.

Shy homebody Charlotte is planning her usual quiet Christmas celebration: Turkey for two for her and her beloved pet dog Hudson. Only, this year, little Hudson decides to take matters into his own paws and give his favourite human a holiday adventure she’ll never forget.

When Hudson runs away the week before Christmas, Charlotte is devastated. She’d rescued him from the trash years before and gave him a place in her home – and her heart. But with the help of uptight Englishman Henry, Charlotte ends up on a magical treasure hunt around Manhattan to find her furry, four-legged bestie.

Spotted in Central Park as one of Santa's Little Helpers, or last seen in the arms of a supermodel in Times Square, Hudson leads Charlotte and Henry on a very merry dance around the Big Apple, where love, (or should that be Christmas?!) actually is all around.

Review: Who would have thought a dog can have so much fun in New York on its own? Seriously, I want to go to NY on Christmas time and do everything little Hudson does! What a character! 

Hudson is Charlotte's best friend and only family, except for a workaholic aunt. So when he disappears only a few days before Christmas, she is devastated. Charlotte's aunt sends a gorgeous Englishman, Henry, to help find him. From that moment, they start looking for him non-stop. 

I had so much fun with this story! I especially loved going around New York and the festive atmosphere that the author managed to create. It was a nice reminder that there are good people all around and that magic can happen. It definitely had the key ingredient for a Christmas movie. 

It's true though that the story dragged a bit too much for me. I was really curious about Hudson's whereabouts for most part of the book but after a while I kind of lost interest in this particular story line. To compensate this though, I think that Lynn Marie Hulsman created a really cute love story that kept me wondering until the very end. 

This is definitely a story to put you on the mood for Christmas, especially if you love New York and dogs. So if you are looking for a bit of Christmas magic, this is your story! 

Rating: 4 stars

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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  1. Replies
    1. It is a really cute story, especially with such a cute dog! And with a good dash of magic, perfect for Christmas! :)

  2. I read and reviewed rhos book last year. I really enjoyed it and that little dog is amazing.

    1. Such a cute dog! He definitely knew how to have a good time :) I never got around to read it last year, I'm glad I did this year. Alba x