Christmas Fun Time with Rachael Dewhurst

This year I've invited several authors and book bloggers for a fun Christmas Interview. My next guest is the book blogger Rachael, from Books inter alia

Hi Rachael and welcome! Tell me, would you rather spend Christmas on a turquoise water beach with a cocktail in your hand or in the Polar circle surrounded by husky puppies? 
Oo, that's tricky! I don't do particularly well with the cold. But, as it is Christmas and I don't quite understand how Christmas can be properly achieved in hot climates, and as there are puppies involved, it would have to be the arctic circle. Bring on the layers and the hot chocolate!

If you had to choose a book for a kid who's not a big reader as a Christmas present, which book would you choose? 
This is going to be a very uninspired answer as I am sure a lot of people say the same but ... Harry Potter. I am a massive fan, and I really can't think of a more exciting series to get people into reading, especially if they are a bit younger, then they can grow up with the series. Or possibly a collection of Christmas-themed short stories such as 'My true love gave to me', edited by Stephanie Perkins. Short story collections are less intimidating than full-length novels, and as it's Christmas, they're potentially more likely to want to read something with the same sort of feel and theme.

Is there a movie or a book you always revisit during the holidays? 
I always, always watch Elf during the Christmas season; usually more than once. It makes me laugh, its fun, easy to watch and never fails to put a smile on my face. I only watched Arthur Christmas for the first time last year, but I have a feeling that I'll be rewatching that at some point as well. As for books, It's only the past few years that I've looked for Christmas specific books, so I can't say I'll be reaching for any particular book again this year. That being said, I did read one of Giovanna Fletcher's Christmas Novellas last Christmas Eve, before I went to sleep, and really enjoyed the story and the experience, so I think I'll try and replicate that this year.

Favourite Christmas cover?
This is another difficult one, purely because I don't own, or even know of, that many Christmas books. What did spring to mind was the copy of 'The Night before Christmas' my parents used to read to me. But, even that cover is hard to remember, I've even been trawling Goodreads/google to try and jog my memory, but I've had luck yet. What I do remember is that it was hardback, mostly blue and white - sky and snow, I'm guessing - and had the most incredible illustrations. I wonder where it's gone?

What's the 2017 new release you are most looking forward to?
Now this I do know the answer to: The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon. The release date isn't until the 1st of March, and as I came to the series when the first one was already out in paperback, and I am really fussy about my shelves, I can't decide whether to get the hardback so that I have it, or wait until the paperback is released so that it'll fit in with the rest of the series ... the problems of a book lover, or is it just me? hahaha

Thank you so much for joining us today Rachael! You can connect with her on: 
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