Christmas Fun Time with Lainy

This year I've invited several authors and book bloggers for a fun Christmas Interview. My next guest is the book blogger Lainy, from So many books, so little time

Can you tell us your Favourite Christmas story from your childhood? 
My favourite Christmas story isn't even Christmas themed to be honest. But every single Christ,as Eve we would sit down and watch The Land Before Time (yes the dinosaur movie). Christmas Eve was always last minute rushing to get presents, the rest of the tree sorted and then we went to midnight mass. The only time we had calm was sitting watching it, was always a lovely time, the smell of tinsel and everyone together cosy, I still love that movie as an adult.

If you could go anywhere in the world to celebrate Christmas, where would you go? 
 I would love to go to Las Vegas, it is one of my fav holiday destinations and would love to see it at Christmas. The Americans always do everything bigger and better and Vegas is a playground for adults, I think it would be perfect!

And what would be the last place you'd want to be stuck during Christmas? 
 I think as long as you have food and the people you love I can't imagine anywhere you wouldn't love. Maybe somewhere where the temperature goes below zero as I hate the cold but even then, if would be huge blankies, candles and if it was snowing it would look pretty beautiful anyway.

What's your ultimate comfort food for Christmas? 
It has to be turkey surely. You look forward to it all year round, have the gigantic dinner with all the trimmings and then for days you have turkey casserole, turkey fried rice, turkey soup, love it!

Favourite Christmas Villain: 
- The Grinch
- The angry elf in Elf
- Old Man Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life
- Scroonge in a Christmas Carol
I have only seen two of the above movies and I wouldn't pick any of them to be honest (sorry) I do really enjoy Bad Santa and Billy Bob Thorntons character, he is a riot and everything you shouldn't do and be at that time of the year brilliant. Also the 2nd one is out soon :D hurrah xxx

Thank you Lainy for joining us today! Connect with Lainy on twitter: @smbslt and check out her blog:

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