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Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for the psychological thriller Sometimes I Lie, Alice Feeney's debut novel. This high paced and tense story was published March 23rd and I've had the pleasure to interview Alice about it. Read all about it here: 

1) Hi Alice and welcome to Alba in Bookland. First, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Alba, thank you so much for having me!

I’m a writer and journalist. After 16 years working for the BBC, I’m very lucky to be able to write full time now. I live in a tiny Victorian house full of books in the Surrey countryside with my husband and dog. My debut thriller, Sometimes I Lie, is being published around the world this year and I’m thrilled to bits about that – it really is a dream come true!

2) Sometimes I Lie is your debut novel and the first reviews are saying that it is not only a very compelling story but also very twisted and dark, where did your inspiration for it come from?

The idea for this story literally came to me in a dream! I scribbled it all down at about 3am one morning (I do this quite often) and when I woke up the next day, it still seemed like a good idea (this happens less often). I couldn’t stop thinking about Amber and so in the end, her story just had to be written. 

I’m really rather fond of a good twist as a reader, so as a writer that was something that I was really hoping to achieve. Everything I write does tend to be quite dark, but I promise I’m quite a happy person in real life! The world we live in can be a very dark place indeed at times, and so I think it’s not a bad thing if some fiction reflects that. 

3) What difficulties did you face getting inside Amber Reynolds' head to tell her story?

I think it works the other way round for me. I let them inside my head while I’m writing, which might sound strange, but it’s the only way I know how to do it. You have to let the characters in, and then you have to go inside the book, it’s like an obsession. When I’m writing I think about the characters constantly, what would they think, feel, say, do in any given situation that I find myself in. I was lucky enough to go to the audiobook recording a couple of weeks ago and it was such an amazing experience. The actress who narrated the book was the perfect Amber, she sounded just like the Amber inside my head. It was quite an emotional experience, hearing her being brought to life like that. It also felt like I was saying goodbye. 

4) Sometimes I Lie has all the ingredients of the perfect Psychological Thriller: tense and fast-paced with an unreliable narrator. Could you tell our readers what else this book has that makes it stand apart from the crowd?

Thank you, that’s very kind of you! I don’t think that’s really for me to say, I’ll leave that up to anyone kind enough to read the book. I will say that I’ve tried to write something that I would genuinely want to read – that was really important to me as a writer. And I hope that people who read Sometimes I Lie will enjoy the ride!

5) Finally, can you tell us what you’re working on now?

I don’t like to talk about a book with anyone at all until it’s finished – I think it’s bad luck. But, I can tell you that the first draft of book two is written, which I’m delighted about. The next book is another dark and twisty tale and will be published by HarperCollins in the UK next year. I also have some very exciting news about Sometimes I Lie, which means I’ll be spending time working with Amber again in the not too distant future. But that’s still a secret for just a little bit longer!

Thank you Alice for stopping by and answering all my questions. You can connect with Alice Feeney on twitter.

About the book:

Title: Sometimes I Lie
Author: Alice Feeney
Published: March 23rd 2017 by HQ Stories

Blurb: My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I’m in a coma
2. My husband doesn’t love me any more
3. Sometimes I lie

Unnerving, twisted and utterly compelling, you won’t be able to put this new thriller down. Set to be the most talked about book in 2017, it’s perfect for fans of Behind Closed Doors, The Girl on the Train and The Widow.

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  1. Sounds like readers of this genre are in for a fabulous read Alba. Thanks for linking #ToTT

  2. This should probably be on my TBR too! Reminds me of The Accident by C.L Taylor :)

  3. Love the tagline on this book. Really captured my interest.
    Great interview.