Book Review: Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan

Today's review is for Sarah Morgan's new book, Holiday in the Hamptons. This summer read is out tomorrow and I had a great time during it during my holidays, as you can get from the pic with the beautiful beach! Read my thoughts here:

Title: Holiday in the Hamptons
Atuhor: Sarah Morgan
Published: June 15th 2017 by HQ Stories

Blurb: The perfect summer escape…?

Professional dog-walker Felicity Knight loves everything about New York…until her ex-husband starts working at her local vet clinic. She hasn’t seen Seth Carlyle in ten years, but one glimpse of him – too gorgeous, and still too good for her – and Fliss’s heart hurts like their whirlwind marriage ended yesterday. So when her grandmother in The Hamptons needs help for the summer, it seems the perfect way to escape her past…

Their relationship might only have lasted a few scorching months, but vet Seth knows Fliss – if she’s run away to The Hamptons, it’s because she still feels their connection and it terrifies her. He let her go once before, when he didn’t know any better, but not this summer! With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see that he’s never stopped loving her…

Review: And we are back in New York with Sarah Morgan and the Knight family. After really enjoying New York, Actually, the first book in this trilogy, I was really curious about finding out more about the Knight twin sisters. We know from the first book that they have a very successful dog walking business but not so successful love lives. If you haven't read the first book, don't worry though, this can be read as a standalone as it only mentions the characters and the event from the first book in passing. 

This story is all about Fliss, with her sister taking a step back. Fliss's ex-husband is in town and Fliss is determined not to run into him so she offers to go take care of their grandmother in the Hamptons. Imagine her surprise when she runs into him as soon as she sets foot in the Hamptons. From here, their encounters start happening more and more often.

I loved discovering a bit more about the Hamptons through this story. For me, it is just a summer destination for healthy New Yorkers but we soon discover that this place has a really nice community atmosphere and that people care about each other. I loved reading about Fliss's grandmother and her friends getting up to mischief and how everyone cared for each other. Fiss's ex-husband is also a very interesting character and their interactions were always quite interesting. 

I have to say that this won't be my favourite book from the series though. I had more fun on the first book for example, as I felt that the sparks and tension between the two main characters was more intense and felt more real. But, as usual, Sarah Morgan creates the perfect story to escape to this summer, with a beautiful setting and lots of fun. Definitely one to check with a cocktail on a beach just like I did. 

Rating: 4 stars

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.

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