Book Review: Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill

A mother always knows best. Doesn’t she? With her latest novel, Keep You Safe, Melissa Hill explores a really controversial topic. After having her on the blog last week for a guest post, today I am sharing my thoughts on this addictive and thought-provoking novel:

Title: Keep You Safe
Author: Melissa Hill
Published: September 21st 2017 by HQ

Blurb: For readers who love issue-driven fiction, Melissa Hill has written a breakout novel exploring the "to vaccinate or not" debate and the tragic consequences of one mother's decision on another.

Single mom Kate O'Donnell is living her worst nightmare. Her young daughter, Clara, who has a medical condition that doesn't allow her to be vaccinated, becomes critically ill when one of her classmates, Lauren-whose family chose not to vaccinate-contracts and spreads the virus. While Lauren has no trouble recovering from the disease, Clara's condition worsens. With time spent by her daughter's bedside, Kate loses her job and slides deeper into medical debt. But when another school parent points the blame at Lauren's mother, Lucy, and the media begins an attack, we see two very different views on parenting and how badly things can spin out of control when all either of these two women wanted was to keep their daughters safe.

Review: Keep You Safe certainly delivers what it promises, this a thought provoking and addictive story that will leave no one indifferent. The core of the novel is the "to vaccinate or not" debate but the story is so much more. I didn't expect to become so attached to these characters and their lives. Melissa Hill really gave us a unbiased and open window to this debate. We got to know two families, with really different views and methods but you were never sure who to side with.

Not only that, but the tension was constant during the whole book. I never knew where the story was going to head next and it never lost this personal touch that made you relate so well to what was going on. Plus, I do love a good courtroom battle and Melissa Hill made this part fit into the whole story seamlessly. 

Keep You Safe really is an eye opener, not only with the vaccinate issue, but with society nowadays: how the media builds this persona that we are supposed to hate or this other one that we should feel sorry for and how public opinion, especially with the anonymity that Internet offers, can completely destroy and viciously attack someone. Really, food for thought.

I had read a few books by this author before and I must admit, I really liked this new directions she is taking. This book had me glued to its pages for hours, managed to surprise me several times and made me care for its characters. 

Rating: 5 stars

I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.

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