Book Review: The Nearest Faraway Place by Hayley Long

New book review today for the heartbreaking new novel from award-winning author Hayley Long, a powerfully told story of the love between two brothers in the aftermath of a family tragedy.

Title: The Nearest Faraway Place
Author: Hayley Long
Published: July 13th 2017 by Hot Key Books

Blurb: Griff and Dylan are driving into Manhattan with their parents when the worst happens. There is a terrible car accident and Dylan and Griff's parents are killed.

The boys are suddenly orphans with nowhere to go, until a kind aunt and uncle give them a new home in Wales. Now Dylan and Griff have everything they need ­ love, a happy home and a future. But Dylan is worried about Griff: whether he is OK, whether he is coping with his grief. He doesn¹t seem to want to speak about it or really acknowledge the loss of their parents.

But Dylan needs to be even braver than Griff, because there is something very important he needs to face up to before he can move on. 

Review: This is my first book by Hayley Long and I really enjoyed her descriptive writing and her unique storyline. The story is all about two brothers, Dylan and Griff, and the it starts with their parents dying. Thanks to multiple flashbacks during the story though, we really get to know them as a family.

While reading about their lives before and after the accident, I had tears on my eyes more than once. I can't even begin to imagine what these boys were going through but the author really made a great job of writing about grief. And she combined very well these really sad scenes with brighter memories but also with shining characters that were there to help these boys. 

I found all the music references really interesting and I listened to a few of the mentioned songs while reading this book and it really made me connect with the story even more. 

I also really liked the ending of the book, I'm sure Hayley Long will surprise many readers with this story. It actually made me want to reread it as soon as I finished, and that's always a very good sign. Very touching, clever and unique story.

Rating: 4 stars

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.

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