Book Review: He Will Be Mine by Kirsty Greenwood

Today I am sharing my thoughts on the brand new full-length standalone romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Big Sexy Love, Kirsty Greenwood.

Title: He Will Be Mine

Author: Kirsty Greenwood

Published: November 19th 2020

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Nora Tucker is an admin assistant from a tiny English village.
Gary Montgomery is Hollywood’s hottest new star.

After seeing him on the silver screen, Nora believes that Gary is her soulmate, her one true love, the man she's supposed to grow old and wrinkly with. She knows it sounds nuts, she knows it’s completely crazy. But sometimes love is crazy, right?

Only... how on earth is this Plain Jane introvert supposed to get to Los Angeles, infiltrate Gary’s inner circle AND convince him that they’re meant to be? Throwing herself into this mission might be a tall order but it means Nora can stop thinking about that one awful day, two years ago, when everything in her life fell apart...

With the help of a sunny Californian weather girl, a super hot but super grumpy script writer, and a very passionate Adam Levine tribute act, Nora is about to try the impossible and let fate decide her future…

Review: If you have read any of Kirsty Greenwood's stories, you will know that they are full of laugh out loud moments and crazy adventures and He Will Be Mine is no exception. This time, we follow Nora Tucker to Los Angeles so she can meet the love of her life and Hollywood star, Gary Montgomery. 

As you can imagine, meeting a super famous actor is not an easy task but Nora is determined. She is also pretty ingenious and quite charming so with the help of some new friends, she does manage to get quite close to Gary. But is he really the love of her life or just an excuse to actually not having to live her life? 

I had a great time following Nora as we discovered the City of Angels with her. Some moments in the story were absolutely bonkers and had me in stitches. Nora was a very interesting and down to earth girl, so I liked her a lot. But I also enjoyed the more serious part of the book, like the reasons behind this adventure and how she was actually handling it. It was a very good balance, and it gave the story so much heart.

He Will Be Mine also had a good dash of magic and serendipity and took me by surprise several times. Kirsty Greenwood for sure knows how to write fun and entertaining stories. This is perfect escapism!

Rating: 4 stars

I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.

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