Billy and Me

Giovanna Fletcher has just published her second book You're the One that I Want and twitter has gone crazy about it! Every time I opened it these last couple of weeks there was a mention to her or her new book. I had had Billy and Me on my TBR pile for a while now so I decided to give a try. The cover is just gorgeous and I had read some really good things about it. When I started reading it though, I didn't really connect with the book though. Sophie has had a difficult life and is really insecure. She works in a little tea shop in a little village and there she has created her little bubble. I liked her but I didn't love her. I was intrigued by her secret and wanted to know about her though.

But then Billy appeared. Billy is a Hollywood star, idol to teens who is trying to find more mature roles to separate himself from the teen book adaptation Halo. He arrives at Sophie's village for the filming of Pride and Prejudice and when he meets her he is instantly drawn to her and her normal life. I think that my main problem with the book is that I didn't like Billy, I was always expecting him to betray Sophie and I wasn't sure if we were seeing his true nature.

From that moment though, Sophie and Billy start an intense relationship and try to fight all the problems that are thrown their way, the main one being his fame. In that moment I started to connect more with Sophie. And then something horrible happened which had me in tears (in a bus, surrounded by people who must have thought I was crazy). 

I liked Giovanna's style and I could tell that Sophie and Billy's love story was special although it didn't find its way to my heart. All in all I enjoyed the book although it had something missing for me. I will be checking for sure Giovanna's new book.


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