About a Girl

Title: About a Girl
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Published: July 16th 2013 by Harper Collins

Blurb: I’d lost my job. I’d lost the love of my life. My mum wasn’t talking to me. My best friend was epically pissed off. And my flatmate probably had a hit out on me by now. I never meant for things to get so out of hand…

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when her carefully constructed Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, why shouldn’t she try out being Vanessa? With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble – she isn’t a photographer, she isn’t Vanessa, and the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster.

Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

Review: When I read the I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk, I fell in love with her witty style and crazy stories. So every time Lindsey publishes a new book I get really excited. She is definitely one of my favourite authors. And this week, What a Girl Wants is finally out! Super excitement mode on! What a Girl Wants is the sequel of About a Girl and because the nerves are killing me I decided to re-read it before WAGW comes out.

I really enjoyed About a Girl the first time I read it, but this second time was even better. Tess is so lovely, you instantly warm to her and just want things to go well for her. But life is not easy and when she loses her job, the thing that defined her, she has to go through different personalities to try to find herself again. 

The setting of this book is so perfect, as Lindsey says, Hawaii is the Ryan Gosling of destinations, it has no bad angle. Tess couldn't have landed in a better place to rediscover herself, and with the help of a gorgeous journalist, a crazy Hawaiian and a Santa Clause (well, kind of) she'll realise that life is full of opportunities! 

Oh! And just so you know, I'm team Nick all the way!  


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  1. I can't wait to read this book, it sounds really great! I already have it, but haven't found the time to read it yet. Very nice review!