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A couple of years ago, I shared the perfect books to travel the world from your own couch (check out my Top Holidays Reads of 2014 here) and because it's August again and we're not travelling anywhere exotic this year, I've decided to share with 10 more books that will take to some of the hottest spots of the planet. Let's have a look at our route: 

1) Summer at the Comfort Food Café: the Jurassic Coast, UK
We start our route in the UK. I've chosen this book because it's set in a part of the UK I didn't know about and after reading about those stunning landscapes I can't wait to discover it! The brand new book from best-selling author Debbie Johnson will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you raid the pantry in the middle of the night…
Read my 5 stars review of  Summer at the Comfort Food Café here.
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Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site

2) Catch Me If You Cannes: Cannes, France
On our second stop, Lisa Dickenson takes us to beautiful Cannes with two lovely and a bit crazy friends. This story is a total summer hit: laughs, beach, cocktails, sunshine and Cannes (oh! and Nutella!). What a perfect combination for a lazy afternoon by the pool. Even better if combined with a cocktail or a glass of bubbly! Also, highly recommended, Lisa's You Had Me at Merlot, set in beautiful Tuscany! 
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View from the Hotel Radisson Bleu

This story takes us to Sorrento and I could so easily picture the stunning Italian scenery! Abby Clements has a way of transporting you far far away from home, and make you enjoy the most delicious treats too. Her descriptions of ice cream and other delicious sweet creations were so detailed and scrumptious that left me with no other choice than consume great quantities of ice cream while enjoying this summery read.
View of Sorrento - The Lonely Planet
4) My Map of You: Zante, Greece

Through Holly's (the main character in Isabelle Broom's debut novel) eyes we soon discover that we have landed in paradise. Seriously, I've always wanted to visit Greece and its islands but now I need to visit them, especially Zakynthos. This place held more secrets than both Holly and I were expecting, and Isabelle Broon managed to surprise me with unexpected twits and truths that held me glued to the pages of My Map of You for hours.
Read my 5 stars review of My Map of You here
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5) Destination Thailand: Thailand.
On our 5th stop, we join Georgia on her tour around Thailand. She follows a bucket list, with things like riding an elephant or make something wild, but as soon as Georgia lands in Thailand, we discover that backpacking alone around such a different country is not going to be that easy... A fantastic debut novel by Katy Colins, inspired by her own adventures. 
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Check out Katy Colins' blog Not Dear or Wed and follow her adventures

6) Destination India: India.
After Thailand, Georgia's adventures are not over and on the second book on the The Lonely Hearts Travel Club, she takes us to India. I enjoyed this one as much as the first and I had such a great time following her around and discovering this new country through her eyes. As usual, Katy Colins makes a great job of describing the atmosphere of the place and I found myself wishing, more than once, that I could also be in India discovering this beautiful country.
Read my 5 stars review of Destination India here
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Check out Katy Colins' blog Not Dear or Wed and follow her adventures
7) How to Find Your (First) Husband: Tioman Island, Malaysia.
Next, we are flying to Malaysia to discover the stunning Tioman Island with Rosie Blake's latest story. For me, this is everything a summer read should be and more. With an amazing setting, lovable character, an hilarious plot and turtles thrown into the mix, this is the book you cannot miss this summer. Laughs and good vibes guaranteed!
Read my 5 stars review of How to Find Your (First) Husband here
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Visit Rosie Blake's page to know about her and her books

8) The Blue: The Philippines. 
In this story, Kitty and Lana travel to the Philippines where they discover a beautiful yacht, the Blue. For a while they travel on the yacht and explore every bit of this paradise but after a while things start to feel wrong. The Blue by Lucy Clarke is a darker story than the ones I've talked about so far but equally compelling and stunning.
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Experience Philippines
9) The Girl From Everywhere: Hawaii, USA.
I love books set in Hawaii because it's a place I'm dying to visit. Some of my favourites are Moloka'i by Alan Brennert and About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk. So I was very happy when I saw that The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig was set in Hawaii too. The story is a mixture of fantasy, history, time-travelling and romance (there's even a pirate ship and a dragon!). With a diverse and multicultural cast and plenty of adventures.
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Aloha Hawaii
10) Sleepless in Manhattan: New York, USA. 
And we end our tour around the world in New York, where else? Sarah Morgan's latest trilogy is set in New York and you know what? I love New York, I've been there twice and I'm already looking forward to going back. With this story I could totally picture myself there, from cool and trendy Brooklyn to posh and lively Manhattan. The life and shine of the city really got through the story and it felt like it was one more character in the story.
Read my 4 stars review of Sleepless in Manhattan here
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The first time I went up The Top of the Rock, I fell a bit in love with this city.

I hope you had fun on my route around the world with books! What books have you read lately that have taken you to other places? Tell me, I love travelling with books! 

*All image sources are linked. 

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6 comentaris

  1. What a great selection of books for a bit of #literarywanderlust Just reading "Santorini Sunsets" by Anita Hughes, you can guess where that is set!

    1. Thank you! I love discovering new places with books! Santorini Sunsets sounds really good :)

  2. Loved the world trip.
    Will have to look out for Summer at the Comfort Food Café. I visited the Jurassic coast for the first time this year and trekked across the cliffs to Durdle Door (in your photo). It would be great to read a story set there.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe is an amazing story, you should totally get it! I'd like to visit there soon, it seems a stunning place :)

  3. I love, love, love this list! I'm bookmarking it for my future TBR list. There's an old, common saying about books and traveling to places. Yet, I don't read enough books set in other countries, about travel, etc. I think the last one I read was Outlander. lol. Thanks for sharing! Super creative. :)

    1. Aw thank you so much for your comment Jessica! I hope you pick some of the books and discover an amazing place far far away! What's better than travelling from your own couch? :)