Top Holiday Reads to Travel the World

Last year, I shared the perfect books to travel the world from your own couch (check out my Top Holidays Reads of 2016 here) and I really enjoyed putting that list together. This year, I have also read some amazing stories set around the world, so I decided to pick 10 more books for you to discover new places too! If you also love travelling through books, don't miss our route. There's a book for everyone:

Newquay, Cornwall - Visit Cornwall
The Picture House by the Sea: Cornwall, UK
I have just finished this lovely book and although it is set in the fictional Cornish village of Polwhipple, this story captures perfectly the beauty of the Cornish scenery: golden sandy beaches, ice-cream parlours, surfers and a great community spirit. It also mentions real locations like neighbouring town Newquay or the historical Bodmin railway with it murder mystery nights.
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Mojácar - Check out Isabelle Broom's webpage for more pics.
Then. Now. Always. : Mojácar, Spain.
A truly special and magical story that will bring lots of sunshine to your life. Mojácar is a little town on the south coast of Spain and a hidden gem full of stories, laughs, love, beautiful views and a bit of magic. I had never heard about it before reading this story, but as usual, Isabelle Broom has convinced me to visit asap.
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Millau Viaduct, France - Aveyron Tourism
The Legacy of Lucy Harte: South of France
This novel by Emma Heatherington is one of those stories that not only touches you but also inspires you to enjoy life and don't get lost in the minor details and obstacles. It also raises awareness in a very important issue, that is organ donors. And a great part of it is set in the beautiful south of France, with the amazing Millau Viaduct playing a big role. 
Ponte Veccio, Florence - Slow Europe

Love and Gelato: Tuscany, Italy.
This is a very heart-warming and fun story by debut author Jenna Evans Welch that will make you want to take the first plane to Italy. The characters are very well developed and interesting and thanks to them we get to discover the beautiful Tuscany and the stunning Florence. Reading about their adventures in the north of Italy is a real treat and you really feel like you are there with them.
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Chandelao Garh, India - Dinah Jefferies
Before the Rains: Rajputana, India
If you also love travelling through time, then you'll love Dinah Jefferies' new book. With Before the Rains she takes us to India in the twenties. With her generous and mesmerising descriptions, it's easy to picture that era, with its rich royal families and water palaces, all contrasting with the extreme poverty of its people. A mesmerising read.

Nepal - Getaway Trekking
The Lie: Nepal
If you are looking for a darker read but you still want to explore a new country, then this is perfect for you. With a really face paced and descriptive narrative, C.L. Taylor takes you in a dark and scary journey to Nepal. As you read (a better way to put it would be devour) this thriller, you soon realise that you have no idea what is going to happen next, and even less who you can trust.
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Check Paige Toon Instagram account for more pics related to the story
The Last Piece of My Heart: Cornwall, UK & Thailand
With Paige Toon's latest book, we get to visit not only one destination but two! Half the book is set in beautiful Cornwall and a very important part is set in stunning Thailand. Perfect, isn't it? Plus, this book and its characters are brilliant. A story like no other. It made me cry, it made me laugh, but above all, it made me care.

Patagonian Jungle - Rock the Traveller
Destination Chile: Chile.
This is the third book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club Series and after loving Georgia's adventures in Thailand and in India, I was really looking forwards to joining her in her new adventure. Katy Colins does a great job describing this new place to us. She has a special way of making you picture yourself there, walking in the streets of Santiago or taking selfies with a llama. She certainly knows how to spark my wanderlust.

The first time I went up The Top of the Rock, I fell a bit in love with this city.
Big Sexy Love: New York, USA.
We couldn't miss NYC in our tour around the world, could we? It's one of my favourite cities in the world and I love revisiting it through books. In Kirsty Greenwood's new book, we follow Olive around New York, and it is difficult, if not impossible, not to fall in love with her and her sense of humour as she manages to find herself in the most absurd situations. Seriously, you will laugh until you cry.

The Hamptons - Urlaubguru
Holiday in the Hamptons: The Hamptons, USA.
And after stopping at NYC, we couldn't miss the number one holidays destination for New Yorkers, the Hamptons. In Sarah Morgan's latest, I loved discovering a bit more about this place. For me, it is just a summer destination for the rich but we soon discover that this place has a really nice community atmosphere and that people care about each other.

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